The Avenues Salt Lake City- Neighborhood Info

As Salt Lake City's first neighborhood, the Avenues go way back and have a fascinating history. The Lower Avenues (from 1st Ave up to 11th Ave) were mostly built during the early 1900's, while the Upper Avenues were most built after 1960. Being close to Downtown Salt Lake City and the University of Utah is one big reason why people choose to live in The Avenues, but many people are drawn to this neighborhood for a variety of other reasons, as well. The Avenues are known for its many Victorian style homes (although many architectural styles are represented in the neighborhood), its tree-lined streets, charm, and personality. For these, and many other reasons, The Avenues has become one of Salt Lake City's most sought-after neighborhood. House in the Avenues in Salt Lake City

The Avenues Salt Lake City Real Estate - About the Neighborhood

A few decades ago, The Avenues was considered by many to be a slum and many of the houses were becoming dilapidated. During this time, the neighborhood became popular among younger buyers as "project houses" that they could renovate while they lived in them. Because of this, many of the homes in The Avenues have been wonderfully updated while still preserving the original charm. Over the years, The Avenues has become a more affluent area and home prices have gone up considerably. You can still talk to some of the old-timers who will tell you about how they bought there homes for $20,000 years ago.

There are several businesses in The Avenues, including a Smith's grocery store, a few excellent restaurants, and the best chocolate shop in town - Hatch Family Chocolates, among others. Housing in the Avenues in Salt Lake City consists mostly of single family homes, although there are several condo communities, as well. 

Why people love living in the Avenues Salt Lake City

The Avenues is home to some of the most wonderfully unique houses in the USA. Yes, in the entire USA. Everything from Victorian mansions from the 1800's, small cottages from the 1930's and 40's, and even brand new estates on the hillside. This neighborhood boasts a very diverse set of homes and architectural styles. Being close to Downtown Salt Lake City and the University of Utah is a huge benefit for those who live in The Avenues, as are the many parks, the breathtaking views, the local shops and restaurants, and the quiet, tree-lined streets. 

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