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2013-10-24 15:09:10
Top 4 Luxury Condo Complexes in Downtown SLC

Downtown Salt Lake City is home to many beautiful condo communities in the State of Utah. Making a list of the top 4 was not easy because there were so many good ones to choose from. I may throw a few honorable mentions in there as well.

With that being said, here are the top 4 luxury condo communities in the Downtown Salt Lake City area:

The Promontory Condos in Salt Lake City

1. Promontory/99 West (by the way, this community goes by both names but they are the same community). Hard to argue against Promontory being the top spot. While they are short on amenities, they come with a lot of prestige, brand new luxurious units, some of the best views in the entire valley, and hands down THE best location in Salt Lake City.

2. The Regent at City Creek - No, I'm not biased towards City Creek, it's just that these are tough to compete with in the luxury condo market. The Regent has a few more amenities than the Promontory but the location is not quite as optimal. The units are luxurious, the amenities are new, clean, and beatiful, and the views are amazing. If you are looking for a high end condo in downtown Salt Lake City, you will definitely want to take a look at the Regent.

3. The Meridien - The top two are easy to pick, this is where it gets tricky. The Meridien is one of the newest condo communities in the Downtown SLC area (it is actually in the Avenues but it is close enough to make the list) and they are very luxurious. The building is very old and the architectures is beautiful but the inside is completely new and modern. The grounds are straight out of a magazine and the views are unbelievable. The Meridien takes a solid third place in my book.

4. Westgate Lofts - This pick may be a little controversial because there are a lot of good condos in the area and also because the Westgate Lofts are not everyone's style. Also, I am referring specifically to the penthouse level of the building that is brand new. The rest of the community is nice but the penthouse suites are a level above (literally and figuratively) the rest of the community. These penthouse lofts are large, open, and industrial feeling. Most of them are unfinished so you can make them as luxurious as you want. If you like loft style condos, you will definitely want to see the Westgate.

The Regent Condos in Downtown Salt Lake City

Honorable Mentions:

Parc at Gateway
American Towers
Governors Plaza
The Metro

Disagree with this list? Let me know. These are only my opinions, but let's face it, I'm right.





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Salt Lake City Condo Expert
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