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2014-05-21 11:18:28
Broadway Park Lofts Phase 2

Broadway Park Lofts Phase 2Broadway Park Lofts Phase 2

I can't tell you how many people ask me about phase 2 of Broadway Park Lofts. Phase 1 was incredibly popular but ended up having some problems that residents really didn't like, such as the poor heating systems that made it impossible to keep your unit warm in the winter without supplementing with a space heater. Luckily, the builder was able to learn from the problems that came up on the first phase of the Broadway Park Lofts and has fixed those issues. By all accounts, phase 2 is looking pretty good. 


Floor plans for phase 2 of the Broadway Park Lofts

There are now a few new floor plans in addition to the three that were offered in phase 1. Units now range from around 400 square feet for the studio units up to over 1000 square feet for a 2 bedroom 3 bathroom unit. Some of the lofts have a rooftop terrace that is not counted in the unit square footage but is a really cool feature and adds to the price. 


Other issues that were addressed in phase 2

The parking garage now has a garage door, making the parking situation much more secure. Broadway Park Lofts is located directly across the street from Pioneer Park, making it extra important to have secure parking. Last of all, the front of the building is now being completed, making the complex feel more finished and homey. 



Phase 2 of the Broadway Park Lofts is more expensive than phase 1 was. They now start at about $229,900 for a 2 bedroom unit. I have not yet seen any studio units become available but you can check the latest units for sale at the Broadway Park Lofts to see what has come up. Prices for the largest units start at around $429,900 (and they are really cool). 

All in all, it appears that phase 2 of the Broadway Park Lofts is shaping up nicely. Give me a call if you would like to take a look.


Connor Southworth, SFR, CNE
Salt Lake City Condo Expert
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